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    Starting a Podcast

    I have recently teamed up with a friend and we have decided to create a podcast. I have a friend who owns a studio who has agreeded to let us record and he will master the audio for us. I'm so excited but a little nervous given all the other things I've already taken on and my son. But I wanted...
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    Book review : how to get sh*t done

    So recently finished this book by Erin flaconer and I really like it. I wouldn't call it life changing but it was definitely habit altering. It was really geared towards women and mothers who over work themselves with task and feel like they don't get sh*t done. It encourage you to drop task and...
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    My quote for the day

    At the end of every hard day I have to remember that things will get better. You just can't enjoy the good parts of life without going through struggle to get there. And I'm always lookingnfornthe light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Busy mommy

    I'm a new mommy ( my son is 9 months old) and I just changed jobs from being a full time manager to follow my dream of being a writer. So I'm still working part time at my store, cause I'm not making enough writing yet to sustain my family, and I'm writing almost full time. With my baby and not...
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    Teaching second language to young children

    I just had my first child last year and I am trying to give him the best head start in life. I want to teach him a few languages early in a way my mother, who raised my brother and I alone, was not able to. We speak some Spanish at home because we are Puerto Rican but not nearly enough. He's...