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    Ideal day

    @amerino24 i am also not into having a routine. For me a perfect day is where i get all my work related tasks done and then have some time left over to enjoy watching a movie or listening to my favorite kind of music. I do however ensure that i get in at least 1.5 hours of workout everyday...
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    more money more problems

    You are right everyone's definition of success is different but generally having more money than you need and leading a comfortable life is considered success. I've seen extremely rich folks being miserable and unhappy and i've seen financially troubled and shorthanded people happy. All depends...
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    Financial Advice

    I go by the age old motto "save some for a rainy day". In fact i have few guiding principals when it comes to handling my finance. Whenever i need to make a purchase no matter what the item is i always categorize it into "necessity Vs luxury" if the item falls in the latter category i am more...
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    looking forward to an entire week of time off from work! gotta make the most of it :)

    looking forward to an entire week of time off from work! gotta make the most of it :)
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    Writing proccess

    oh i misunderstood you then! well my writing routine is like this, when i am given a topic to write about which i am not knowledgeable i simply google for it and consult various sources. For example recently i had to write about crypto currency a topic i am not very knowledgeable about so i...
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    Motivational Video from Will Smith

    I have! beautifully acted, written and directed. Its movies like the pursuit of happiness and Rocky that motivate you to overcome the odds and keep going no matter how tough it gets. I think pursuit of happiness is based on real life events of the person Will Smith portrays in the movie, not...
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    Writing proccess

    like tyleralecia said getting distracted while writing is the biggest challenge to overcome. Personally,, when i write i try to find a quiet corner in the house where i can be alone and away from distractions. I keep only the relevant tabs and browser windows open to stay on path. Oh and i also...
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    Weight Managament

    My struggle has always been to keep my weight in check. I have that body type where you bulk up really fast if you dont watch what you eat :( I am trying a new method of eating and its working so for me so far. I avoid fast food and eating out for 6 days a week. My daily meals are rich in...
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    What to tell your children...

    Thank you! That's exactly what i hope for my child! a growth mindset. One which isn't programmed from the beginning about a particular career path. I have seen so many children and even adults with fixed mindsets who want to become a doctor, engineer or something else from the start but if they...
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    Depressed family member

    I'd say its time for a forced intervention. Alcohol and depression is a nasty combination which may lead to something even more severe, the life and mental well being of your family member might be in jeopardy. I think right now he is in no condition to take corrective measures so it falls on...
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    What to tell your children...

    The same is with me! i stumbled onto to my current path in life but the difference is that i am still seeking some qualified counseling about continuing down this path or switch careers. Personally, i wouldnt tell my child (if i have one in the future) not to follow my example. Stumbling onto a...
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    Trying to eat better

    Do you have a cheat meal planned? if you keep on dieting 24/7, you are bound to get bored or resort to old eating habits pretty soon. Speaking from personal experience it really helps me remain focused on my diet plans. Thing to note here is that its a cheat meal not an entire day of cheat meals...
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    Enjoying the weekend! started the day by getting up really late. Binge watching tv shows and...

    Enjoying the weekend! started the day by getting up really late. Binge watching tv shows and movies is on the agenda for today
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    Setting goals and not getting discouraged

    What i want to know is how does one deal with a major setback towards attaining life's objectives? What if the magnitude of the setback is insurmountable? how does one stay motivated while facing such overwhelming odds?
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    Young adult books

    I think anything by Enid Blyton and R.L Stine is a good fit for young adults.
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    When to workout

    I mostly workout in the morning on an empty stomach. I begin my workout regime with cardio because my aim right now is to lose weight. I completely agree with the person above me that selecting or preferring when to workout varies from person to person and is dependent on your chronotype. You...
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    Share your Greatest Achievement in Life

    My greatest achievement in life is yet to come. My main objective has always been to travel the world and settle somewhere outside of my country of birth. I have successfully completed a milestone in that journey by getting a job only recently and starting a bank account where i am depositing...
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    Very weak short term memory

    Thank you for the comprehensive reply! I am following a healthy diet and i workout regularly. All that is left is using memory techniques like you suggested. I am looking into it because forgetting things only after a few minutes is down right embarrassing
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    The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade

    I am a huge fan of the fantastical world of Elves and other mythical creatures. While searching for some reading material about them, i came across the subject series of books. I thought i was in for another Tolkien like adventure but what i found was much grittier, gory and violent rendition of...
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    Very weak short term memory

    So i have noticed that i have really weak short term memory. I forget things that happened just a few minutes ago like where i put my car keys or where i put my wallet. The thing that bothers me the most is my long term memory is quite excellent. I can remember events that took place years and...