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    Dealing with credit card debt

    I accumulated credit card debt when I had just graduated from college and hadn’t found my first job. Now that I am more financially stable I am looking to pay it off in the best way possible. I don’t have a lot of disposable income so paying off in lump sums or greatly increasing the monthly...
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    Setting boundaries at work

    How do you set your boundaries at work without sounding negative and like you won’t help out? My organization recently went through a downsizing and I ended up being tasked the work of 3 full time employees. Since that happened, my time is extremely precious. So whenever I’m asked to help out or...
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    A must for career changers: What Color Is Your Parachute

    When I was looking for a fresh start in my career, What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Boles really helped me figure out what my needs were from a job, what invigorated me in a workplace, and how do get ahead in the modern workplace. His famous “Flower Exercise” really helps you drill down...
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    How do you take care of yourself when others need your care

    How do you make sure that you still take care of yourself when you are taking care of others? A dear friend had a mental health crisis recently and I was so concerned I asked her to spend the night with me, so I could look after her. Well one night turned into 3 days of me watching over her...
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    Starting the day with good habits

    We all know that the things we do first thing in the morning are what set the tone for our day. When I am trying to build healthy habits and get into a positive routine, I find that doing one small thing can start me on the path for a better day. Right now, I start the morning with a short...
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    Daring Greatly: Engaged Feedback Checklist – Brene Brown

    Giving feedback can be one of the hardest tasks to accomplish, especially in personal matters! How do you make sure your feedback is given in a positive manner, so your listener is more open to receiving it? How do you stand firm in providing constructive feedback? I like to use this checklist...