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    Black women look to build upon gains in coming elections

    Black female candidates are working to build upon their success in the last election cycle, setting their sights on governor’s mansions, Capitol Hill, and city halls in 2021 and 2022. They made history in 2020, with Vice President Harris becoming the first Black and South Asian woman to hold...
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    Democrats learn hard truths about Capitol breach

    FBI Director Christopher Wray punched a sizable hole in the Democrats’ narrative about the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol complex. He reminded Democrats that the event was nothing like the “horror” of 9/11. He taught them that the word “insurrection” has a precise legal meaning and that he...
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    Washington state to allow free pot with vaccines

    负责监督合法休闲大麻市场的华盛顿州机构将允许有执照的零售商向在店内疫苗接种诊所接种冠状病毒疫苗的人免费提供大麻。 在周一的一份声明中,华盛顿州酒类和大麻委员会表示将暂时放弃允许合法大麻零售商向接受第一剂或第二剂冠状病毒疫苗的任何人交换一个预卷关节的规定。 该委员会表示,它已收到有执照的大麻经销商的几项要求,要求他们免费发放大麻,以支持华盛顿的疫苗接种计划。零售商可以为赠品做广告,但他们仍必须遵守严格的广告要求,限制他们兜售产品的方式。 尽管需求放缓,但各州已大幅加强激励计划,以加快接受冠状病毒疫苗。 在俄亥俄州的领导下,大约有六个州正在提供现金奖励彩票,在那里,州长 Mike...
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    As racist as apple pie: Media's obsession with the label 'racist'

    If you’re planning to enjoy a warm slice of apple pie for Independence Day, beware that you may be contributing to, according to a column in The Guardian, an American tradition of "stolen land, wealth, and labor." And remember that when you see the distinctive yellow coloring of an Audobon’s...
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    The U.S. condemns Hong Kong authorities for trying to erase the history of the Tiananmen Square massacre

    华盛顿—— 美国周三(6月2日)谴责香港当局在6月4日临近之际试图抹去人们对天安门大屠杀的记忆,并压制异议。 拜登政府将1989年6月4日中国政府对天安门广场及周边地区和平示威的暴力镇压称为“屠杀”。 美国国务院副发言人贾琳娜·波特周三在电话会议上表示:“美国谴责香港当局的行为,导致六四纪念活动组织者关闭纪念天安门广场大屠杀的六四纪念馆。 1989 年。” 波特补充说:“香港和北京当局也在试图从历史上抹去这场可怕的大屠杀,并继续压制异议。” 就在美国国务院强硬表态前夕,主办六四纪念馆的香港联盟表示,因香港当局对纪念馆公开展览许可进行调查,该纪念馆将暂时关闭。...
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    hello world

    I'm songfeng i come from Singapore