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    I have read through many of these posts and downloaded Memrise and Duolingo and so far I have really enjoyed them. Has anyone used the Rosetta Stone app? If so what do you think of it? Thanks, Nikki
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    Suggestions/testimonial:Name Skillz App Beta Tester Feedback Apple 6

    This app is entertaining and fun. It provided good introductory information and good visuals. This app is helpful and really helps with name remembrance and the science behind it makes a lot of sense. I have a few suggestions that would be nice additions. The first one is that an explanation of...
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    Originally from IL moved to GA last year

    Hello everyone, I have lived in Illinois for my entire life and moved to Georgia last year with my husband and two children. What a change it has been. It has been fun and exciting but pretty stressful at the same time. Great to meet everyone! Nikki
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    Online tutoring

    I am a stay at home mom currently completing my Masters online. In the last year I decided to give online tutoring a try for some extra income. This has proven to be an amazing way for me to earn some extra cash. I do not have any formal teaching experience but I have a vast amount of knowledge...