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    35 Tips for Students to Succeed in Corporate America

    Don't be discouraged by the "corporate" title because this was actually required reading in one of my college English courses. Contrary to popular belief, even liberal arts studies need to navigate a capitalist society. It's a short book, but packed full of useful advice that I still use to this...
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    You're Not Scared, You're Embarrassed

    This is just one of a ton of videos on Brendan Burchard's youtube channel, but it resonates so profoundly with me. Embarrassment is the one thing always holding me back. It's coupled with an immense feeling of self-doubt. I never believe my skill set is better than anybody else's. I'm often too...
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    Vegetarian to Vegan

    After watching a lot of different documentaries (Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives), I was inspired to make a veganism lifestyle change. I started around April. However, I've noticed that I haven't been able to achieve 100% veganism. I can't seem to give up cheese (pizza, more specifically) just...
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    Commencement Speeches

    Arguably, some of the most inspirational speeches in the world come from commencement speeches at graduations. Leaders and heroes come to schools on the day that students are most eager and emotional for, and those leaders offer their own words of wisdom and encouragement. The most...
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    "The Future is Female"

    I first saw this quote "The future is female," emblazoned across the chest of Janelle Monae's t-shirt at the Women's March. It's something that inspires me on a daily basis, but I'm wondering what others think or feel when they read it? What does that kind of future look like/mean to you? But...