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    Rest your body & mind

    We need to take care of our body by allowing them to rest. For instance, we need enough sleep to regain our energy and to improve our cognitive skills. Remember, be kind to yourself.
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    Becoming A Writer

    I want to become a writer as well. I keep on telling myself that someday, someone will going to appreciate my writings. I've had many rejections from different companies, but I always remind myself to never give up. We cannot enjoy our goals when we don't know how rejection feels.
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    "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today."

    That's true. We need to move forward and in order to do that, we should leave the past behind and forget about yesterday. If we keep on dwelling on the past, we may not enjoy what we have in the present. Sometimes, letting go means allowing yourself to be happy and free.
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    Inspirational Video For Students

    Here's an inspirational video for students who are struggling and uncertain of their future
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    Staying Positive When You Feel Frustrated

    I control myself whenever I feel so frustrated. I don't think about the things that made me mad. Instead, I chose to be positive and think of other things. Frustrations lead you nowhere, but positivity leads you everywhere.
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    Working from home

    I have been working from home for several years now, and I can say that there are some advantages and disadvatages. Advantages: Your Office Can Be Any Kind Your Office Can Be Anywhere You’ll Save Money Your Schedule Can Be Your Own You Can Learn More and Become More Independent You Can Actually...
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    Exercise for Sleep

    I also had trouble sleeping before. But, I was able to cope up with my sleeping problems when I develop my routine. I reduced my caffeine intake, I exercise every day, I eat healthy foods, and I don't stay up late every night. After doing those things, I get back on track.
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    Easy things you can do to "Escape"

    One thing I do to escape is meditating. By doing this, I was able to relax and allow myself to think of nothing but calmness. I disregard all the negativities that I have encountered throughout the day and just enjoy the relaxing feeling of meditation.