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    Help with Social Media/Phone Addiction

    My fiancé is addicted to his phone. He jokes about it, but he knows he has a problem with it. I find it to be entirely disappointing because when we first started dating he never brought out his phone and I remember thinking how nice it was that this guy in his 20s could go a couple hours...
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    Dealing with Adult Acne

    I am a 30-year old who STILL has acne. I've done the dermatologist route, tried Proactive, and other regimens and while it gets better for awhile, it seems nothing I do can really prevent me from breaking out. I started doing in the last year the Korean skincare routine, and I like it a lot. For...
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    Learning Photography

    Hi All, I currently work in communications and would say I've lightly dabbled in photography on the side. As I think about wanting to do more freelance work and what that might look like, I'm thinking about going the photography route (whether it's just more of a hardcore hobby or something I...