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  1. AllisonE

    10,000 steps a day

    They say that everyone (that can) should aim to take 10,000 steps a day. I have started trying this and using a step counter on my phone, but I began with 6,000 and now I have a goal of 8,000 each day which I usually reach so I think I will start aiming for 10,000 soon. I should probably start...
  2. AllisonE

    Hello from New York

    Hi! I just graduated from college and am looking for a career. Since I've been on here, I have gotten more motivated to work and find a great job that I love. I look forward to learning more and growing!
  3. AllisonE

    Staying Positive When You Feel Frustrated

    I have been trying to stay more positive even when things happen that I don't like. I tend to get in bad moods when these things happen and let it ruin most of my day. What do you do to stay positive when you get frustrated?