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    Wake Up: Goals are Better Than Dreams

    I like what you said about lofty dreams being overwhelming. I'm definitely in that camp, which is probably why I lean more towards setting goals--they tend to be more actionable and less daunting. Yeah, a happy medium is certainly a plus.
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    Wake Up: Goals are Better Than Dreams

    Perhaps this goes without saying, but dreams are far inferior to goals. When I think of dreams, I think of the opening to Their Eyes Were Watching God, which says something to the effect of "Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board." She then goes on to contrast the dream-like thinking...
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    Shoutouts you wish you had given years ago

    So many, but I'm going to say Bernard Grant. Bernard helped me go from a young guy to a young man by helping me focus spiritually. He's the kind of guy that everyone loves and admires and says is smart, gregarious, etc., but his real strength is that he shows personal interest in anyone and...
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    Honesty and Modesty in Self-Development

    Don't quit the piano! I took lessons for years when I was younger, and eventually I stopped. I wish I hadn't. (The violin is very cool, though.) magikheart makes an interesting point: using our skills can be a nice little humility tool. Never thought about it that way before. But my limited...
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    The Importance of Letting Go

    Yes, I agree we should learn from our past. What I was trying to say was that even though we should cherish the lessons of our past, we shouldn't allow our past to be part of our identity. For instance, there are people who brag about the bad things they've done and then say how proud they are...
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    The Importance of Letting Go

    One thing I think a lot of us who are trying to make a transformation tend to neglect is the importance of letting go of who we were before. This means more than just rejecting it and hating it. Hating who we were, in particular, is dangerous because hatred necessitates a connection with...
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    Honesty and Modesty in Self-Development

    One thing I've found really helpful over the years is being completely honest with myself regarding my strengths and limitations, and then being modest regarding how quickly I can make improvements. In college, I was a Division I track athlete. The development adventure, supported by some...
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    How to Make your Tropical Dreams Come True--I did, and I can teach you how, simply.

    Well, the forum topic says "Advertise Yourself," so here goes. I did it. I now have the ability to live on a tropical island for as long as I want. It doesn't mean you have to leave the U.S., England, Canada, Australia, etc. as your home. But it means you can if you want. You can literally have...
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    Mindful of Our Future

    Very nice insights, MaryH. I fully agree. The distinction between us and our thoughts is especially thought-provoking. Many of us are raised with the Western notion of "I think therefore I am." Maybe this has resulted in an indelible association between who we are and what we think. But that...