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    Setting goals and not getting discouraged

    My best advise would be having a accountability partner!
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    Forming New Habits

    Start by writing down the new habit. Write it 21 times a day for 7 days so your subconscious picks it up!
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    Quitting full-time job and freelancing for full-time income

    I love the support, I say do what makes YOU happy because life does not stop!
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    Ideal day

    I'm not into routine so a perfect day for me would be one in a beautiful city where I can just get up and go all day...exploring and living
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    Relationship "Rules"

    I love these!
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    Help, Advice, and Connection

    When it comes to forming good habits I use to be the WORST, I was so flighty and irresponsible then I had to really remember how I wanted to be treated and taken serious and it started with me so that definitely helped me.
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    Secrets of six figure women

    This book was amazing in the fact it made me motivated to make money. I've had a hard time growing up with my mindset and money but this book helped open my mind to all possibilities. I always felt as if I had to scratch and survive to make money and I found women/people doing it effortlessly! I...
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    Think And Grow Rich

    This book was amazing. It really helped me get my mind on money and how to make it so easy and effortlessly!
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    You're a badass

    I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK!!!!!!! It was absolutely amazing and refreshing. I usually get VERY bored with books that are repetitive but I found that this one kept my attention and the author is hilarious!
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    Relationship Advice

    The best relationship advice I have is to make sure it feels good to your soul. If it's 50/50 and when you get up in the morning and go to bed at night it's something that;s soul stirring.