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    How much savings do you feel you should have at any given time? I am working on building mine up again, but also have to pay student loans. I was wondering what you feel is reasonable to have in the bank before I start throwing money towards my student loans. I know about the Dave Ramsey $1000...
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    Want to learn 6 languages...

    So, I have interest in several languages: Japanese, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Spanish, and French....but I feel like it is impossible to learn all of them. I am 33 and have a full time job. Do you have any tips? I know that ultimately, I will probably just have to choose, but, I want to learn them...
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    Moving to a new place and building routine

    So, in a couple of days, I am moving to a new country to teach English as a second language, and I want to use this opportunity for self improvement. I want to get a regular workout routine, eat in a healthier way, and have a regular writing schedule. As a teacher, I will probably be getting up...
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    Video Journaling

    I have started keeping a video journal over the past couple months in addition to my regular writing one (was watching Felicity and got inspired), and I have noticed that they benefit me differently. I think the video allows me a faster stream of consciousness, while the writing helps slow down...
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    Spiritual Books and Inspiration

    Hi! I am working on self growth, and looking for books you might have read that helped you. I generally like things with a more spiritual lean that talk about meditation and stuff like that. Any suggestions?