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  1. TroySoldier

    Morning Exercise Routines

    I usually complete my workout (gym or yoga) early in the morning, before I begin the main task of the day. If I go to the gym, I spend about 45-90 minutes there. Yoga I can do at home. What morning exercise routines do you have? I heard jogging works really well for people... ...but I do not...
  2. TroySoldier

    Self-Development Book Recommendations

    What are some books you thoroughly recommend for self-development? Amazon is packed with tons of them. What are your top five books you most recommend?
  3. TroySoldier

    Your Morning Routine For Success

    What's everyone's morning routine for a successful day, whether it be success in business, life, or relationships? I always wake up 90 minutes before I need to do anything. Usually I read something pertaining to what I need to accomplish, drink my coffee, meditate, do some light excising, and...
  4. TroySoldier

    Best Self-Hypnosis Tips

    I have recently looked into self-hypnosis. A ton of information floats out there about the process, so I do not know where to even begin. What are your top three to five techniques for a beginner?
  5. TroySoldier

    Meditation Combined with Affirmations

    Hey Everyone! I have been meditating in the morning for 5-10 minutes every morning for a few weeks now. I try to keep my mind still, perhaps on a single thought or goal I want to accomplish. Has anyone combined their meditation practice with affirmations? If so, how do you combine the two? Any...