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    Atheism and Spirituality

    That's interesting. I just find it difficult to seperate the two notions, because the idea of spirituality and the belief in "something higher than oneself" are inextricably linked in my mind. ("Something higher" being a god or at least god-like being.) Thanks for commenting!
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    Atheism and Spirituality

    Some say that it is possible to be atheist and still maintain some sense of spirituality. Some, like author Sam Harris, even argue that those within the "community of reason" would benefit from being more spiritual. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I suppose it could be possible to be...
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    Transcendental Meditation

    I've researched different online videos and meditation apps, but supposedly TM is a very specific practice that must be learned through a certified teacher. There's even a ceremony that must take place when a student is given his or her mantra.
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    Tips on job searching

    I have signed up for free trials for LinkedIn Premium in the past. I always cancel before I am charged. It's very easy to cancel. There are a few good features that are advantageous.
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    "The Future is Female"

    Yeah, I get it. I just don't understand the need for differentiation. I am very much a proponent of equal rights. I support the ideas behind the "Black Lives Matter" movement, for example. I also did not understand why some people were given heat over remarking that "all lives matter." In the...
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    Transcendental Meditation

    Has anyone actually learned Transcendental Meditation from a TM teacher? What was your experience like? Have you kept up the practice? Was it worth the cost of tuition to learn?
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    Goal: Meditate at least 5 minutes a day

    I met one-on-one with a "meditation coach" in the student health services department when I was in college. I had always wanted to learn TM, but did not want to pay the high tuition cost. I was able to learn other methods for free, so I went that route. If you get the chance to learn from a...
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    "The Future is Female"

    I understand the sentiment behind these types of slogans/ideas; however, I don't particularly like the idea of any one sex or race dominating the others. As a white male, I understand that the past has not always been kind to women and "people of color." However, instead of trying to single out...
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    Dealing with Difficult Bosses

    Just do your job. Don't worry about what he thinks the company needs in order to be successful. Everyone feels underappreciated, and rightly so. Nobody at work cares if you do your job well; the upside is that you can also do a mediocre job while still flying under the radar. Stop caring so much...
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    Job Interview Prep

    I would do a little research about the company's history, mission statement, etc. In the past, I've even tried to research information pertaining to the individual or individuals who were going to be interviewing me, if I were privy to that information. Making a personal connection with an...
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    Teaching English Online

    Keep it fun! Kids respond to very active, animated people. I would suggest learning aids that are colorful, stimulating, and age-appropriate. If a child is not entertained, he or she will quickly lose interest.
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    Types of Meditation

    I always wanted to learn Transcendental Meditation, but found the initial "tuition" they charge to learn at a TM center off-putting. I understand that it is a business, and that teachers need to be paid, but the fee they charge is ridiculous. I have tried to learn several techniques on my own...