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    How to get over the fear of leaving your first job

    Hi! :) I agree that it is indeed scary to transition from your first job. I was in the same position. Got recruited right after college in a very prestigious company but was completely drained and stressed out after 9 years of working there. I probably had the urge to move after about 5 years...
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    Entrainment music

    I have recently been reading quite a bit about entrainment music as a form of music therapy that promotes stress reduction and mindfulness. Has anyone tried this form of music before?
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    Transcendental Meditation

    I haven't actually taken TM as a training but have gone to a few group sessions. I found them to be very beneficial in terms of increasing mindfulness and clearing my mind. I also know that there are quite a few online training programs out there that may cost a little less than the face to face...
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    Cutting ties with the corporate world

    My pleasure! Good luck in whatever path you choose! :)
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    Sunday Scaries

    It's great to have a self-care routine on Sunday to beat the Monday blues! :) It's definitely a wonderful idea. I think also a good thing would be to maybe try and sit with yourself and understand the reasons behind that feeling of anxiety. A lot of activities are effective in distracting...
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    Cutting ties with the corporate world

    I definitely like the freedom. I have the whole day to myself to do yoga, meditate, read the books I've always wanted to read, de-stress, etc. I can sleep whenever I want to, wake up whenever I want to, choose to have a very busy day or not do anything at all. My financial back-up was in the...
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    Cutting ties with the corporate world

    I am exactly at this stage right now :) I used to work for 9 years in a corporate company with amazing benefits but got tired of being so lifeless and stressed out all the time. I chose to quit about a year and a half ago thinking I would get a part-time/self-employment opportunity right away...
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    Feeling Good About Yourself

    My self-love journey has certainly been a bumpy ride. I've always had my ups and downs but I have found that yoga, positive affirmations and meditation have helped me a lot in that aspect. Eating healthy also gives me a great boost because I feel it is a form of self-love versus the really junky...
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    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    It is great that you have a very strong and firm belief in your choice of spirituality. That being said, I think spirituality is all about acceptance of the path each person chooses to follow. A sense of humbleness that no one "knows" everything and that there are no hard "facts" is a big part...
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    Negative Nancy

    Yes I completely agree. Negative self-talk is one of the most sabotaging things one can do to themselves. I never really used to monitor what goes on in my mind until recently when I moved into holistic coaching and found that I had never really been kind to myself in my thoughts. I've tried a...
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    Aura Soma and Color Therapy

    Has anyone had any experience with Aura Soma color therapy? I went through a few sessions myself and felt that they were very beneficial and was thinking of actually becoming a practitioner. Does anyone have any experience of going through that path?
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    Forgetting a Language

    Yea I actually have the same experience with French and found that the apps are not really aimed at getting you to that "expert" level. Something I found beneficial was to look for online language classes where the instructor actually has conversations with you. The thing about a language is...
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    Spirituality and Carlos Castaneda

    I have recently begun reading a book by Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence, and was struck by the level of spirituality in the book. I read that there were some criticisms of Castaneda's writings as being mostly fictional, however, to me, I felt a deep spiritual connection. Have any of you...
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    Getting Into Mindfulness

    The breathing exercises are certainly very beneficial. There are several forms of breathing exercises out there. The one with the visualization mentioned above is very beneficial. You can also try breathing in for 3 counts, holding your breath for 3 counts and then letting it out for 3 counts...
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    How Holistic Coaching Saved Me

    Hello lovely people! In my previous career as an engineer for 9 years in a corporate company, I got to a point where I was making more money than I ever imagined, but losing my relationship with my baby girl, husband and above all, myself. I was constantly drained, stressed and with an...