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    Help: I can't make decisions without thinking of others.

    I have struggled with this my whole life, but I always put others before myself. I also think about other people's feelings and opinions before my own. Although I really care about others, it has gotten to the points to where I can't make a decision without thinking that it will hurt someone's...
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    YouTuber Inspirational Videos

    Hello! I wanted to share a few videos that I have seen recently that have made me feel better when I am down. Monday Motivation: Pushing Through Fear My Advice on: Life, Moving on & More How to Meditate: Guide to Finally Still the Mind How did you feel before and after watching these videos?
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    Goal: Move to NYC

    Hi guys! I have lived in Michigan my whole life, and I am a recent graduate from a university. I want to experience living in a larger city, because I feel like I can find more jobs and other opportunities in a big city. I want to try living in NYC because it is the home of fashion and...