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    Dealing with political differences

    T Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I agree with you about wanting to maintain the status quo in a relationship. I have actually let a few friendships go over politics in the last several months, not just because I disagree with their opinions, but because of the fact that they are so...
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    Help: I can't make decisions without thinking of others.

    First of all, while it’s true that you need to make decisions for yourself, the fact that you care what others think is not solely a bad thing. It means that you value the relationships in your life. Have you tried writing down a list of pros and cons when you’re trying to make a decision? You...
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    Dealing with political differences

    I think that’s an interesting way to look at it. You seem to have found something that works for you, and that’s good. I have had kind of the opposite thing happen; I didn’t really pay that much attention to politics or issues until recently (always voted, though). Also, in my case, most people...
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    Being Conscious of the Present

    Focusing on the present moment (which seems pretty much akin to mindfulness) has really helped me to deal with anxiety. The root cause of my anxiety seems to be vaguely worrying about the worst that can happen. Getting my mind to stay in the present really seems to help the anxiety abate. tdp
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    Dealing with political differences

    In the charged political climate that is the United States these days, you're almost inevitably going to disagree with a family member, coworker, or friend about their political beliefs. How do you deal with those in your everyday life whose views are diametrically opposed to yours? Just not...
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    Being Consistent

    I would agree with what LexiG33 said about logging everything in an app (MyFitnessPal is a good free one). When you have to be accountable, even to an app, it does seem to help with staying on track. MyFitnessPal also lets you log exercise, and it adds calories to what you're allowed to eat that...
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    Getting Into Mindfulness

    There are many ways you can approach mindfulness. The whole idea is to get your mind into the present and away from dwelling on things that might happen (which are usually negative things). You can concentrate on your breathing. Observe the breath going in and out, and if you remember high...
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    Looking for Recommendations

    I like the free app Memrise, which is useful for many languages. As shrills said, Duolingo is good too (and also free). I have heard really good things about Babbel, but it is a paid app. I tried their free demo and it seemed good, but I am so used to free teaching tools on the Internet that I...
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    I'm a mess.

    Hmm, not sure how I feel about being an older, wiser mess :) You might want to try reading Feeling Good by David Burns MD. This book was so helpful to me when I was battling generalized anxiety, and its methods have been shown to work for depression as well. It's a book you can work through on...
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    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    I suffered from generalized anxiety after a health crisis. Even though I had previously had anxiety when flying, I did not know what was causing the symptoms I was having at first. The symptoms included a generally unsettled feeling, shaking, increased heart rate, and all kinds of GI symptoms...
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    Read (or listen) at least 30 minutes every day

    “Hear or read something challenging, something inspirational, at least 30 minutes a day, every day. You can get along without some meals, but you can’t get along without some ideas, examples, and inspiration.” - Jim Rohn This Jim Rohn quote works for me on many levels. 1) Reading (or listening...
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    3-weeks Cigarette Free

    Congratulations on your accomplishment; you have every right to be proud of yourself! Quitting is a difficult thing to do, but your lungs and heart will thank you for it. My mom suffered from emphysema secondary to smoking, and it is a horrible thing to watch someone you love slowly die over a...
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    Exercises That Are Easy on a Bad Knee

    I can sympathize; I've had knee surgery on my left knee. First of all, it depends on why your knee hurts. Is it arthritis or an injury? As far as cardio exercises (to get your heart rate up), swimming is excellent. You may want to stick to the crawl rather than the breastroke, because the frog...
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    Tony Robbins' blog: Serena Williams

    I found this post to be very interesting, especially with the US Open going on right now: I remember watching the French Open, and thinking, "Why is Serena still pushing herself? She could retire right now and...
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    Facing fears

    I have a fear of flying, and I had to take Ativan for several years to fly. I no longer have to take medication since I’ve come up with a plan that works for me. I would think this plan can be adapted to other fears besides flying. There are three parts to it: 1) Mindfulness The part of flying...