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    Mark Rippetoe Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training -Legit or hype

    Rippetoe is a controversial old-school advocate of basic lifts done right vs cross-fit and bodybuilding exercises. Do you agree with his approach or should it be folded-into a broader workout plan? He's also very droll and macho/ Here's a favorite quote: "The only legitimate use for gloves (in...
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    Marketing, Writing and SEO Resources

    I will add that generally, I was never convinced that our 1,2,3 day classes were worth the money about 250/day. I generally got rave reviews - but I tweaked my classes to earn them. Students, who were generally sent by companies, loved lots of breaks and going home early. They also loved tricks...
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    Marketing, Writing and SEO Resources

    I used to be a software trainer and was always impressed with the materials by -- we sometimes used their workbooks for MS courses and they were great take-homes. The audio courses and books are great workouts of the main feature of a given application if you make sure to follow...
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    Fight or Flight Response

    The feeling of fight or flight is generally used in highly stressful situations involving danger or violence wherein adrenaline is released in the bloodstream and gives one the energy to fight or flee. You're generalizing fight/flight to social situations that simply make one uncomfortable which...
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    The idea of, to use the OPs term, being or having Candles is conflicted. I strongly believe in the power of agency - a poor term probably borrowed from academe. Agency is You as an actor. The opposite would be the Victim or perennial re-actor. Whenever you, with best intentions, tell or impose...
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    I also like this term candle people. Reminds of that maxim, better to light a candle than curse the darkness. I've also heard of the expression in Spanish, se le aparecio un angel... an angel appeared unto him. Thinking of a cruel Mexican saying - si te tiran un hueso,es porque no quieren que...
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    Improving Decision Making

    I'll add that many times we limit the choices artificially so we can limit our analysis or procrastination. The actual choices are far greater if we are open to consider them.
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    Improving Decision Making

    Definitely prone to analysis paralysis here. Some years ago I overheard a discussion and one guy spits out: when in doubt, do nothing. Then they both laughed but for me it was a good tip. When I'm indicisive about choices, I always add in doing nothing. I know that by itself it doesn't sound...
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    Tips on Achieving Fluency in a Foreign Language

    This is the tip a lot of students have been happy to learn. When pronouncing any latin based language, you can pronounce most any word by breaking the syllables on the nearest vowel. Conversely, any germanic language will try to break on the nearest consonant. Now many Germanic languages...
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    A Quote to Motivate

    What holds many people back isn't fear as much as what my Alabama teacher Mr. Dobbs called ' piddlin and fritzin off'. Piddling is worrying the details and fritzin off - Fritz the Cat reference- is goofing off. Piddling is the great time killer. Piddling can also be a form of procrastination...
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    Greetings from Delray Bch, FL

    Well, technically I'm in TH now currently on vacation. New to the group and excited to share and learn on all things wellness and self-improvement!
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    Think And Grow Rich

    I tried to read this book when I was a teen and then in my twenties but couldn't get through it. Not due to concepts but the writing is too on-the-nose and a lot of statements without supporting ideas and such. I thought I'd try it again when I read that Manson was a huge of Hill and also...
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    Small Successes

    Thirty years ago my older brother, who was ten years old at the time, was trying to get a report written on birds that he'd had three months to write, which was due the next day. We were out at our family cabin in Bolinas, CA and he was at the kitchen table close to tears, surrounded by binder...
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    Working from home

    I liked the post about breaking up tasks to smaller components. I read about this years ago and the writer called it the Swiss Cheese method. He got projects done by doing small tasks , poking holes, in the bigger project and thus, piecemeal, getting all done. Updike is quoted saying that...
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    Working from home

    A few posters wrote about time management issues --- and how you can spend hours in front of a screen which is unhealthy and can often lead to low productivity. I got this idea funnily enough from watching The Good Doctor about an autistic man doing his medical residency - good show and it shows...