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    Using Logs to Record Progress

    Hi, This is interesting. I don’t know that there is really an issue with logging things if it makes you feel like it keeps you on task. Yea, they say things will become habit after 21 days but some people just need that extra motivation and I don’t think anything is wrong with that. However if...
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    "The Future is Female"

    I like this quote a lot. It immediately makes me think of the fact that my husband and I are raising our girls while I work on finishing my Masters. I am working so hard to make sure that I am a good inspiration to show my girls that women need to have the ability to stand on their own. That’s...
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    In Search of Some Advice

    Hi, First of all, congrats on your graduation. My only advice here is if you feel as if you have exhausted your own abilities to find a job thus far and have waited long enough, then I would suggest going with a company that helps you find positions. They make take a percentage of your pay for...
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    Apps for depression/anxiety and growth

    I have this same issue and have been struggling to find something to help control it without adding more medication. I honestly never thought of using an app. That is a very good idea. The other thing I use is a mensturation tracker as that is very similar with linking your moods to your cycle...
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    10,000 steps a day

    I got a Fitbit in Feb for my birthday and it is my new obsession to reach 10,000 steps daily. I recently also began walking in the morning and doing interval walk/run at night which both help a ton. I do have to admit some days it has been hard to get this accomplished. Since I am a stay at home...
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    Exercises That Are Easy on a Bad Knee

    First have tried getting a really good knee brace. I have a previous knee injury so I am in this position as wel. I found thatmy flimbsy knee brace was much of the problem. So I fixed that first. Then my physical trainer said I needed to slowly build the strength up in the muscles which included...
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    How To Remember Important Dates

    Hi EliGray, My best friend is my google calendar on my phone. I will put everything in there and my phone alerts me when something is coming. Also I used a magnetic calnader on my fridge for the day-to-day appointments. So to me it sounds like a phone calendar for important (not daily)...
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    Help with Social Media/Phone Addiction

    Hi, I am sorry you are dealing with this. My husband and I argue about this a lot. He comments on it about me and I comment about him. For me the reason I do it is for a few different reasons. One is boredom (say in the show we are watching), two is feeling uncomfortable especially if we are...
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    Quitting full-time job and freelancing for full-time income

    I quit my full time job when my first child was born 3 years ago. Within the last year I began online tutoring and babysitting for extra income. This is my first try at freelance since I don’t have a portfolio of any sorts. Since I began staying home I’ve thought many times about freelancing but...
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    I have read through many of these posts and downloaded Memrise and Duolingo and so far I have really enjoyed them. Has anyone used the Rosetta Stone app? If so what do you think of it? Thanks, Nikki
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    Suggestions/testimonial:Name Skillz App Beta Tester Feedback Apple 6

    This app is entertaining and fun. It provided good introductory information and good visuals. This app is helpful and really helps with name remembrance and the science behind it makes a lot of sense. I have a few suggestions that would be nice additions. The first one is that an explanation of...
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    Originally from IL moved to GA last year

    Hello everyone, I have lived in Illinois for my entire life and moved to Georgia last year with my husband and two children. What a change it has been. It has been fun and exciting but pretty stressful at the same time. Great to meet everyone! Nikki
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    Online tutoring

    I am a stay at home mom currently completing my Masters online. In the last year I decided to give online tutoring a try for some extra income. This has proven to be an amazing way for me to earn some extra cash. I do not have any formal teaching experience but I have a vast amount of knowledge...