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    Music for Positive Reinforcement

    Having music to remind you that everything is okay is always great to have around! I made a few Spotify playlist to help me change my mood and work on being happier. I can link them down below! It has a mixture of pop and alternative. <iframe...
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    Vegetarian to Vegan

    Hello! I have been trying to give up meat, and I have considered going vegan, but I love cheese so much! That is the only thing stopping me from being vegan. But I know a ton of people who are vegan and make it work! What they do is just explore all of he vegan cheese options, and find which...
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    Young adult books

    I loved reading The Outsider and To Kill a Mockingbird in school. I also am a sucker for romance young adult books such as Obsidian and Sarah Dessen novels, but I don't know if they are appropriate for school.
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    You're a badass

    My friend just finished this book and sent it to me to read! I am so excited to read it, because I have heard great things about this book for a long time! It is just taking me until now to get my hands on it.
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    The Life-Changing Magic of Tyding Up

    Yes, I have read this book recently!! I love the idea of getting rid of junk and organizing the things you want to keep. I don't follow it exactly how it is suggested, but I really think the process of decluttering and organizing can help anyone. Since I am just one person, it could come easier...
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    Help: I can't make decisions without thinking of others.

    Writing out a pros and cons list is a good idea! And instead of listening to everyone's opinions, I should only listen to the opinions that matter. Good advice, thank you!
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    Help: I can't make decisions without thinking of others.

    I have struggled with this my whole life, but I always put others before myself. I also think about other people's feelings and opinions before my own. Although I really care about others, it has gotten to the points to where I can't make a decision without thinking that it will hurt someone's...
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    Tips on job searching

    The most important thing I learned in college is networking! Always reach out to people you know of friends of friends to see what opportunities they might have. I am in the same boat, and I haven't had that much luck finding a full time job either, so I have reached out to my network and that...
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    Finding Inspiration

    Hi! I love Pinterest and Tumblr for inspiration, because there are a variety of things you can find on there. I also recommend not looking online and take a step outside, go for a walk, sit in silence and just see what is within you. Sometimes just creating is what you need to lead you to...
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    3-weeks Cigarette Free

    Congratulations, this is amazing!! I am proud of you. I smoked cigarettes since I was 17 and I am 22 now and have recently quit in June. Quitting was the best decision I made, especially when I would still smoke them in the past and still feel bad about it. I will admit that there are times when...
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    Perfection Stopping Progress

    Hello! I think it is important to remember that perfection isn't real. It only hinders us from chasing our dreams, because we want to make sure everything is perfect. You could be developing content that could help someone so much, and that in itself is so rewarding!
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    How to pursue writing as a career

    I believe that it is possible to do writing as a career! I want to become a writer and accomplish a lot. I think it all begins when you accept that you want it full time and are working towards that every day. I think that you should start small and then go big. Write in a journal every day...
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    Law of Attraction Journal

    One of my friends recently told me about the law of attraction from The Secret. I think by creating a journal from that is a great idea. I think that by saying things into the universe, the universe will show you what you are looking for. I also believe that it's a good way to stay up with goals...
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    Your Morning Routine For Success

    My morning routine consists of waking up, eating breakfast, working out in the gym, and then showering and getting ready for the day! One improvement that I could add to my morning routine is to start waking up early.
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    How to deny my sweet tooth

    Hi! I like to replace my "bad" sweets with healthy sweets. If I am craving a brownie sundae, I will eat some fruit instead. I think that it is important to listen to your body when you are craving something, because it can be telling you what you need.