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    Hey JBee where are you from?
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    What are values and morals?
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    Go and flow where ever you want to go

    Go and flow where ever you want to go
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    Try not to focus so much on becoming relax, but feel what you have to do to become relax. Like taking a walk, shower, cleaning your shoes or whatever.
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    Reality appears to change every time you think about. This proves the ability to completely surrender to what's coming next. By that I mean the immense strength human beings have to develop not only themselves from the inside but also their complete environment they live in.
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    Meditation is not about easing your thoughts, meditation is about leaving the mind in a complete altered state, free from form, concepts or visions.
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    It seems to me that all people in general, are looking for some kind of reality. Reality is something that you can define. We live in a constant expanding reality in which you decide whats the best way to navigate thru it. Today a friend of my father came by and decided to go an art market 5...
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    What is reality for you? To me it's the opportunity to choose the right direction. Every human being is able to feel, focus and reflect on themselves. In this way every individual human being has to motivate him or herself to get the best out of a situation. A lot of substitutes, like certain...