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    Time Blocking/Calendar Blocking

    Have you tried doing the same but with the hours? I fell like that might be overikilling it, but if you can do so I'm sure it will be even more productive.
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    What kind of books do you usually read? are they close to your work field or more like novels and essays?
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    What is your best advice for a successful relationship?

    To quote one of my favorits characters, Dr. Cox from Scrubs: "Bottom line, couples that are right for each other weight to the same crap as everybody else but the big difference is that they don't let it take them down, one of those two people will stand up and fight for that realationship...
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    Any recommendations for learning Spanish for medical field?

    Mosalingua has an app to learn English with a medical approach, maybe it has the same one but for Spanish, you could check that out.
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    What is One Moment that Changed Your Life Outlook for the Better?

    So, I got the opportunity to travel to another country with some friends. While most of us (we were 6 people in total) don't really like parties, we ended going to several bars during the two weeks we were there. At the start we were enjoying ourselves chatting with other people from there and...
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    Quitting full-time job and freelancing for full-time income

    If you have enough money saved in case it doesn't work out and your family supports you (it might get a bit hard if they don't agree), I say go for it. That is, of course, if you already can have a good income from your freelancer jobs.
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    Atmoshphere for success

    What I've found is that the most important part for me is music. Wiith music in my earphones the place is not such big deal. Besides that, I need a spce where I can work without interruptions and with enough space to put all my stuff. Lots of books also help me being a lot more inspired. If...
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    Self-Development and Self-Esteem

    I thing it comes from this meirl stuff, all people joking about depression instead of seeking help, I understand it's better to laugh in hard times, but there's a point in which it turns to mock instead of anything else. Creating something is always a great way of improving one's selfsteem. The...
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    “A Brave New World,” by Alduous Huxley

    Huxley wrote another piece about this, Brave New World Revisited. It's a series of essays in which he talks about that. For him, we were staring to live (this was on the 50s by the way) in a mixture of the worst of Brave new world and the worst of 1948. Mind you, I think we should also add the...
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    Sticking to goals, hoping for progress

    That's tough, sorry to hear that. I don't think there is a problemn in that, maybe the places where you are looking are not the rigt ones? Or maybe you need to polish your curriculum a bit more. Maybe instead of one you could do two or three applications a day.
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    What are your thoughts on learning two languages at once?

    I remember reading that it's actually encourage to learn more than one language at the same time. In my personal experience that's true, when both languages are similar you learn them faster because you can use what you just learn from one in the other. I'm learning French and Italian actually...
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    Being criticized

    It depends, if the one who's telling you to change is doing it in a nice way and because he or she want's to see you improve, then of course it's ok. On the other side, if they are only trying to be toxic, then, that's also ok if you know that is a flaw. Screw them, the important thing is to...
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    Does anyone know of an App where you can talk with random people in English?

    This might not be as useful, but r/casualconversation is a great place to talk with strangers
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    Smartphone Apps for Increased Organization

    Productivity wise, I'd say any pomodoro app is good. If you enjoy RPG games, maybe Habitica would be a good choise, it's a task manager but with a game design (you go on quests and gain experience). Daylio is kind of a journal, but made really simple, you just put what activities you made the...
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    Coping with putting a dog down

    When my dog was 18 years old, he could no longer move as much as he liked; he also developed a few other problems. The first thing we did was calling a vet. After a few test, she told us that he was sick but not in pain, still. What we arranged was that the moment he started suffering was the...