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    Setbacks; a vital tool for success

    It's true - loss really can lead to some amazing cycles of growth. When I've felt comfortable I never would have thought that anything needed to change, but when my status quo was disrupted, I had to decisions that led to uncomfortable growth. As a result, I learned many new skills and developed...
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    The importance of hobbies in my life

    I've always loved being creative, so much so that I've fought to make sure that I have the time and energy required to make these things a priority. This means that my life isn't as glamorous or as successful as it might be otherwise, but it's infinitely more enjoyable. Like you, I enjoy sewing...
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    Video to inspire new beginnings

    This is a really interesting video; it definitely rewards watching and reflection. Positivity is something that's up to us to personally cultivate; we can't expect others to give it to us or to define it for us. By the same token, haters can't define what terrible about our life; that's not up...
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    Finding Happiness in Social Media

    Like others here, I've turned off virtually all my social media notifications. I check my updates only if I open the apps. I like social media because it lets me keep up with friends and family members I'm geographically distant from but I can recognize that it's a big stress factor at times. I...
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    How to get out of a work rut

    I second the suggestion to build your skillset. This last year I took some online classes to learn some new software and I discovered I really enjoyed them. I haven't been able to use these skills on the job yet but I'm now motivated to find ways to implement these skills. This is giving me a...
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    Excited to learn about myself and about life

    Hello everyone! I'm happy to be here. I'm looking to learn more about improving my life. I love learning and am always interested in discovering new things. I especially enjoy self-improvement and self-help. I believe that someone who's interested in improving themselves will never be at a loss...