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    Post Partum Memory Loss

    I agree, Edzky_18!
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    Music that touches and heals the soul

    Opera is actually supposed to do this in a very emotional level, the job of a singer is about capturing the essense of the song and portray their feelings, however Opera is the essense of expression when it comes to it but any symphony works for me, I would recommend looking into Danny Elfman if...
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    Post Partum Memory Loss

    It is actually very normal for women in general to have loses in regards to their physical abilities, as I recall correctly, the same as your body transforms and changes itself, your whole existence changes for that baby and I forgot the reason why, but it affects your brain. Your memory gets...
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    How to stop caring about how other people think of you

    Mindful thinking usually helps me. I enjoy the idea of not taking anything personally, including things I say to myself at times, I sometimes feel that our biggest critics and monsters are found within the walls of our own physique, my belief or how it works for me is: I attempt to give...
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    Conversing with a Less Intellectual Person

    One cannot dumb themselves, you are you and they are who they are. If you honestly believe you are in a position where you have to dumb yourself to speak with someone, I would rather suggest you understand why you feel that way, if this person isn't giving you any intellectual motivation, then...
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    Pickled Marshmallows.

    Pickled Marshmallows.
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    Motivation & Discipline

    I actually enjoy your point of view and find it inspiring! Or Awe-spiring, ha-ha! In some way, I suppose we all have to find our own way of motivating ourselves, some people just do it for no other than having a routine, not because they have a goal? At times it's just the idea of having...