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    Ideal day

    That's a very relaxing and really ideal day! Maybe if I'm single my perfect day would also be like that.
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    Tips on Achieving Fluency in a Foreign Language

    Excelente! Yo soy ademas obra el mismo. Enriquecimiento primero mi palabra Espanol. Eso ayuda mi mucho. 😊 Excellent! I am also doing the same. Enriching my Spanish vocabulary first. It helps me a lot. 😊
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    Quitting full-time job and freelancing for full-time income

    I have the same thinking that's why I'm building up my online profile and has started doing blogs. I hope I could encourage my husband to let me quit and be a full-time freelancer at the same time a full-time mom. I like it when I'm the one directly taking care of my children.
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    Self-Care Habits

    I regularly check my blood pressure. I don't know but it has just become a habit. Maybe because my hubby is also doing it and I check mine whenever he check his. I do it every week or every other week depending on my husband's schedule.
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    Starting a Successful Blog

    Hi! I'm also a newbie in blogging so I'll stick to this thread for tips. Here is also mine. I hope expert bloggers out there will be generous enough to help us out with our initial journey in the field. Good luck to us! 😊
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    1000$ by the end of August - [ONLINE]

    That's kind of encouraging and exciting! Good luck to you! 🙂
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    Want to learn 6 languages...

    Hi! I think you really need to learn and focus one at a time at least until you got a B+ status in one language. I'm also full-time working mom of two but I see to it that I was able to open duolingo and browse through my spanish vocabulary notebook in a day. I've seen others who do the flash...
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    Dry Eyes

    Hi! Just a healthy reminder. You need to have your eyes check by the right doctor. It's very dangerous to try droppinh anything in our eyes without consulting the proper authorities. Someone I know was almost blinded by just doing that.
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    Getting inspirations

    Every day, I'm drawn to open this site just to check what's new in the forums or if there are comments to the posts I am following. I just like reading the suggestions and conversations here. It inspires me to read them. You know it is a whole new experience for me to engage in a worthwhile...
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    Sleep and Memory

    It's more of the daily is usuallly like I'm talking about a certain thing or person then I can't remember the name or something about it... so I just make a blah blah like I'm kind of stupid. Sometimes, it really frustrates me afterwards. I also thought tgat maybe I should go back...
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    Progress in Learning a New Language

    Yeah! Would love to go to Spain and Mexico... but need to save more to have enough money to go there... 😌😁
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    Progress in Learning a New Language

    It has been a month after I decided to learn Spanish despite my very busy schedule as a working mom. I just would like to share my progress since then. As of now I'm close to knowing by heart 200 Spanish words and phrases. They are all logged in a small notebook where I visit every now and then...
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    Sleep and Memory

    Maybe that documentary is right. Ever since I was not able to complete the straight 8 hours sleep for almost 3 years now because of my babies, I noticed that my memory had a really significant drop down.
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    Music that touches and heals the soul

    I love Lux aurumque!...very relaxing and composition is amazing! Thanks for sharing!^_^
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    Coping with putting a dog down

    Oh, that's a sad story, and a hard one. Been there in your situation with our 10+ years dog named "King". And I was really young then so i cried and cried when my brother decided to do mercy killing. For days, I felt so guilty that I cried a lot and visited his grave at our backyard, and put...