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    How to get over the fear of leaving your first job

    I know the feeling. It was very difficult to leave my first job, with a small team of people I felt really close to and we all worked really hard. It leaves you with a sense of obligation and responsibility. But there was no room to grow in that company or industry, and I finally realized...
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    Leadership 101: Enter, Servant Leadership

    Hi Phil, thanks for the thought-provoking post. I've worked under a number of leadership styles, although I the trend seems to be some confusing combination of laissez-faire and autocratic--they don't care until they do, and you don't really know when that might be. Leaders expect results...
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    I'm facing a similar situation when I move into my house next month, which will add 20-30 minutes to my commute. I think you can do some of the same things in the car that you do on the train -- listen to a book on tape or podcast, possibly set up some voice apps on your phone to record a to-do...
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    Cutting ties with the corporate world

    Thanks for sharing your experience!
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    How to deny my sweet tooth

    Agree with all of the posters who said replacing with a good "sugar," not completely depriving yourself, and reserving a smaller portion for yourself each day or ahead of time. I think another thing to consider is how much added sugar is in the other foods you are eating -- cereals, yogurt...
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    Prioritizing Sleep

    I am finding this to be one of the most difficult health-related tasks to accomplish. I have always been a bit of a night owl and I just like to have a certain amount of time after work to decompress and "live." As silly as it may sound, I was inspired by some of the bedtime routines my best...
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    Cutting ties with the corporate world

    Just curious what things you found that you liked? Other than planning to find a part-time job, did you have any financial back-up (if you don't mind me asking)?
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    Getting Motivated to Work Out

    I've also found the FitnessBlender YouTube videos to be a great resource for working out at home!
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    Cutting ties with the corporate world

    This is a scary prospect to a lot of people, since in modern life a steady, 40-hour-per-week job comes complete with benefits that can be difficult to obtain otherwise. It's something I have contemplated for a long time. I feel a strong desire to be my own boss, do things on my terms, have...
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    Feeling Good About Yourself

    This is a relatively new concept for me that I've been trying to work on over the past 2-3 years. We aren't always taught that it's ok to give ourselves care and attention. Like Yomna, I'm also working on eating healthy and really paying attention to the way it makes my body feel. I also try to...
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    Knowing You Aren't Alone.

    Agreed! Discussion forums are something I discovered about a decade ago and whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or alone, I know if I do an internet search, I can find someone who is experiencing the same thing. Whenever I'm stuck, it's one of the first places I turn and it's just so powerful to...
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    Daily Affirmation

    I just love this video so much! The simplicity of the things that bring her joy. Glad you liked it!
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    Helping a Friend Going Through Depression

    Hi! I also have a friend going through a similar situation. We've been friends since we were kids...more than 25 years, and it's really difficult to see her go through this. She has been dealing with postpartum depression for about a year and has recently started having some anxiety issues and...
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    Daily Affirmation

    Oldie but goodie...
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    Dealing with Difficult Bosses

    Hi jamienoelle, I am not in an entry level position, but have worked with several different bosses who all showed some variation of what you describe. I think some of it has to do with the fact that people in leadership positions often don't stop to consider the details of the daily operations...