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    Forgetting a Language

    Thank you! I enjoy some French music but I will have to look into some French movies and online courses. I wish there was an app that could help people achieve expert level fluency. With AI technology it seems by now it should be possible. Who knows, maybe it is and I just haven’t come across it...
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    Job Interview Prep

    Congrats! Let us know the end result.
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    Forgetting a Language

    Between high school and college, I took 5 years of French. I was never able to consider myself fluent even though 5 years seems like a long time, but I probably reached a little above an elementary level understanding of the language. I think a lot of this had to do with the fact that there...
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    Feeling Good About Yourself

    I like to take walks. It always makes me feel good about myself - physically, mentally, emotionally - and gives me a good feeling overall, even if I’m hurting a bit afterwards. Sometimes I just sit down and think positive thoughts, whether it’s after I get something done, and point out that I...
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    Job Interview Prep

    Most importantly, be yourself. If you walk into an interview consciously trying to be something you’re not, there will be a lot more pressure, which will make you more nervous. But obviously remain professional too, especially with mannerisms as others have said. It definitely helps if you’re...
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    Keys to Success

    I remember in elementary school, there was a big bulletin board in the hallway outside of the classrooms that said “These are our keys to success...” And there were little paper cutouts of keys, where every student wrote what they did to try to achieve success. I think maybe the teachers had a...
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    The First Step is Always the Hardest

    I have a hard time with getting started working out. I’ll be motivated to start, and get it done, but then a super busy day comes along or it’s raining when I really wanted to go for a long walk, and it kind of rains on my parade and I lose the will to do it at all. Then the cycle starts again...
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    How to pull yourself out a funk

    Exercise really helps me get out of a funk too. It can be very refreshing, sometimes exhilarating. Often times, I take my dog for a walk with me so she can get some exercise too and we get some bonding time together. The hardest part is getting up and doing it, but if you remind yourself of how...
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    Reducing Screen Time

    It is very hard to reduce screen time, I almost wonder how anybody ever got by without it! I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, using e-books rather than physical books. Shame on me! Sometimes it’s just cheaper, faster, and more convenient, unfortunately. But perhaps a trip to the discount...
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    Success In Real Estate - Fast vs Slow

    I would love to invest in housing, but I agree that the smart way would be to rent properties out. I’ve had several people tell me I’d never want to be a landlord because of the things they to have to deal with when it comes to bad tenants, but I feel like if the right steps are taken...
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    Preventing Perfectionism

    How do you prevent perfectionism from getting in the way of accomplishing things? In college I had a difficult time finishing papers because I would get caught up in how a sentence was worded or how it sounded when I read it to myself out loud. Now, it takes me a little longer than it should to...
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    Young adult books

    R.L. Stine books are definitely a good option. I remember in middle school it seemed like that was all anyone ever read! Some other suggestions that I’ve read either in middle school or early high school are: Lord of the Flies To Kill a Mockingbird Night The Diary of Anne Frank Flowers for...
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    Tony Robbins' blog: Serena Williams

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said, especially in terms of writing. I never seem to have the inspiration to write, even when I try to set aside time to complete my goals. I’ve tried using my own life experiences as inspiration, but sometimes my memory fails me. Then, when I try to...
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    Exercise and Asthma

    Thank you, that’s really helpful. For a while I was slacking as well, but I’ve recently decided to start walking my dog more often, not only to benefit her, since she is stuck at home while I’m at work, but to benefit myself as well. I always assumed that if I just exercised more over time, my...
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    Exercise and Asthma

    I have asthma and have always had a difficult time with exercise and sports. In elementary school I was on the swim team and quit because of my asthma and some anxiety issues. My go-to exercise now is walking, which I really enjoy, but I would love it if I could run in a 5k someday without being...