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    If I could give my own TED Talk....

    As a writer, my absolute favorite TED Talk is What Makes a Hero? It speaks to me as a person and as a writer, because it eased the flow of my stories, and as I moved through life I found I also took on a hero's journey here and there. The best part about this? I'm pretty sure we all embark on a...
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    Teaching English Online

    How did you get started in this? It was a career option I had considered but kept running into walls with those claiming to be educational systems but turned out to be scams and wanted money from me first.
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    Morning sunlight gives me a super boost.

    I actually sleep with all of my blinds open so that the sun wakes me up before my alarm (in the summers). The best way to wake up it to sunlight, and it completely makes my morning. I go for a run or do yoga, and it brightens my day. I believe this stems from Vitamin D, and has something to do...
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    Yoga: physical and mental benefits

    I had weak ligaments in both of my knees. It would mess up and instead of hold my kneecaps in place, they'd get strained and tangled and wrap themselves around the top of my kneecap, making it so I couldn't move my leg. I did yoga 4 times a week. One month in, and the severity of the strains...
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    Recently went camping and found some serious zen in nature. gotta love the work-life balance

    Recently went camping and found some serious zen in nature. gotta love the work-life balance
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    Becoming a Hero

    If you'd like to watch the video, its linked in the first few words of the post, which is the title of the video!
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    Becoming a Hero

    What Makes a Hero is probably one of my favorite TED talks ever. And not just because I'm a writer. While at face value this video covers novel protagonists, I also kind of see it as something everyone goes through. All of us have to go on our own journeys to find who we are and return to what...
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    Let's Talk About Stress

    Hello Neuronauts, So as a growing child in disguise adult I've come to realize everything is stress inducing. Things that were fun are scary. Bills perpetually loom overhead. Talking to anyone a step above me in the workplace had become intimidating. I've always been a chin up, friendly...
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    Conversing with a Less Intellectual Person

    my father has had a very limited education, and so speaking with him is actually frustrating. He is just content to sit in his tiny box of knowledge and judge the world he knows nothing about. i understand "dumbing yourself down" to connect with people who are close to you. to be honest its a...
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    Becoming A Writer

    Hello Neuronauts I've long been on the road to becoming a writer, from sending out story submissions and publishing articles to graduating from college with a journalism degree. Now while I'm lucky enough to have a job in my field, I haven't been able to write creatively in years at this point...
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    Dealing with loneliness

    I actually disagree a little bit. Sure technology has trained the majority of us to expect instant gratification, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to bring people closer. I can understand how a constant barrage of messages can be overwhelming, but I don't think the problem lies...
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    Dealing with loneliness

    Thank you! I totally understand. Its always great to hear from someone who understands. I'm sorry you had to go through a rough patch, but I'm so glad you were able to learn more about yourself from it!
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    Dealing with loneliness

    I worked through a couple hard years with loneliness and found that sometimes a little escapism is necessary. Self-reflection was my savior, I think. As well as the devil-may-care attitude towards approaching new people and situations. I was able to take the time alone to really evaluate myself...