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    Practice Makes Perfect

    I've wanted to learn Spanish since I was very young. Right now, I'm only fluent in English, but am studying Spanish with my wife. Prior to this, I've only studied Spanish in high school classes and remember almost nothing. Now, I'm practicing every day with someone else, making the process...
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    Improving Decision Making

    Sometimes. Usually, if I need to make a decision and have no time to analyze the pros and cons of each choice, I'll just go with my gut.
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    Quitting full-time job and freelancing for full-time income

    It's an admirable goal, and I wish you the best of luck achieving it. Freelance work certainly has its benefits that can't be ignored.
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    I don't feel comfortable without at least a years worth of expenses in my savings account.
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    Writing proccess

    If I'm not knowledgeable about the topic, the first thing for me to do is research thoroughly enough to have something to say. Then, I can typically bang out the article in an hour. Research period can be anywhere from five to 45 minutes, for me.
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    Pets Can Contribute to Self-Help (w/ Pic)

    Obviously, I'm a fan of Akitas and own one myself. If you didn't know, a pet such as a dog could fantastically contribute to your self-help journey. For me, I was skeptical of owning an animal and the responsibilities attached to it. However, after a few years of doing so, I'm happy to report...
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    Writing proccess

    I use a planner and fill free time slots with hours I plan on working, detailing each entry with a goal.
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    Self-Care Habits

    Excercise has proved to be therapeutic for me. Lifting weights, specifically. My apartment offers me a free gym that I use three to five times a week.
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    Eating Healthily

    Congratulations. Diet can be a hard thing to control, glad you're taking it on so well. Unfortunately, I haven't got the same willpower, lol.
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    10,000 steps a day

    I use the step counter on my iPhone and aim for a daily goal of 7,000. Walking my dog a few times a day usually does the trick.
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    Tips for Starting a Successful Small-Business

    Operating an SMB can be a blessing, but be wary of the legal aspects that accompany it; make sure everything is appropriately structured (LLC, S-Corp, etc...) and talk to an accountant fairly regularly.
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    Email From NSC Going to Spam

    Hello, just wanted the administration to be aware of a bug. When pushes an email to my Gmail account, it gets sent into spam: I haven't looked, but I'm assuming the site is being hosted on some shared platform, and someone else's website has triggered a spam list. Happened...
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    3-weeks Cigarette Free

    Just posting this because I'm proud of my success and want to have additional motivation to stay consistent. I've smoked cigarettes for the last year and a half, to help deal with the stress of school and work. That proved to be a big mistake; I began to recognize the tell-tale signs of...
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    Coping with putting a dog down

    Hi -- sorry to hear about your dog's health issues. I've dealt with a similar situation in the past. My 15-year-old terrier was experiencing incontinence and had a cancerous tumor. I decided to have her put down when the quality of her life called for it. The vet that put her down also agreed it...
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    Debating changes, seeking guidance

    My advice goes against the grain regarding what's typically taught to school-aged people concerning career choices: don't follow your passion, follow what you're good at. That's been a solid technique many people have followed, including me. Find and research vocations that are centered around...