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Just saw The Incredibles 2 and it was AMAZING. Feeling empowered ;-)
Stubbornly persist, and you will find the limits of your stubbornness go well beyond the stubbornness of your limits.
Happy Friday Eve =)
Pickled Marshmallows.
real life challenges are like a chisel to precious stones in dirt, the force removes the loose uncommitted silt, and the solid elements are left behind.

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Share success tips, relationship advice, career guidance, health information, self help seminars, spirituality discussion and more with our community.

What Brings You Here? New

We'd love to know what brings you here. We are here to help!

Success New

What tools have been beneficial to your successes? What business challenges do you need resources, training, or mental help with?

Memory Improvement New

What tips do you have for memory improvement? What were the best tools you learned? Do need any help with any particular memory challenge?

Sports Psychology New

Perfect practice makes perfect performance but what tools are useful for all the mental aspects of competition? What hacks do you have for the most efficient practice techniques?

Miscellaneous Self-Development New

What skills have you learned to improve yourself? Talk about the resources that have helped you. Are you struggling to learn something in particular?
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Goal Sharing and Progress Updates New

Share your goals and successes with members and experts! Share your projected milestones and provide updates on your thread along the way.

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Beautiful Success stories written by YOU about a person or event that has changed your life

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